August 28, 2020


Surabaya, 29 Agustus 2020. The essential of stay at hotel is not only rooms, but other supporting facilities are also needed to provide a satisfying stay in addition to good service. Therefore PALM PARK Hotel & Convention Surabaya managed by PT PP Properti Tbk through its subsidiary PT Gitanusa Sarana Niaga has various facilities for guests.

January 19, 2020

Kemiri Restaurant Won Jawa Pos Reader’s Choice on Jawa Pos Culinary Awards 2019

Kemiri Restaurant located in PALM PARK Hotel & Convention Surabaya is a new restaurant in Surabaya, and has become foodies’ favorite restaurant because of its tasty food with a cozy ambience. The restaurant that located in Kaza City area, proved to be able to compete with other new restaurants by being nominated in Jawa Pos Culinary Award 2019 and won an award as the " Jawa Pos Reader’s Choice " in the New Restaurant of the Year category in Surabaya.


April 05, 2019

PP Properti Resmi Buka PALM PARK Hotel & Convention Surabaya

PT PP Properti Tbk melalui anak usahanya PT Gitanusa Sarana Niaga resmi membuka PALM PARK Hotel & Convention Surabaya pada Sabtu (6/4). Peresmian ditandai dengan pemukulan tambur oleh Direktur Utama PT PP (Persero) Tbk Ir. Lukman Hidayat, Direktur Utama PT PP Properti Tbk Ir. Taufik Hidayat, M.Tech, Direktur Komersial & Hospitality PT PP Properti Tbk Sinur Linda Gustina serta jajaran pimpinan daerah Kota Surabaya. Seremoni pembukaan dihadiri pula oleh mitra kontraktor dan konsultan serta mitra bisnis dan korporasi.

March 10, 2019

PALM PARK Hotel & Convention Surabaya Wins Guest Review Awards 2018

PALM PARK Hotel & Convention Surabaya was recently received Guest Review Awards 2018 from the leading booking platform It is the first time this three-star hotel achieve the prestigious award since its soft opening on August 2018.

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